Banners are one of the oldest of promotional items, dating back to the 19th century but they are still one of the best ways to get your message out there, either as a temporary measure or a more permanent fixture.

The range of materials has become much wider so you can now choose which is best suited to your situation. The most common being Flexible PVC, however we also supply a range of fabric and mesh banners. These are designed specifically to allow air to pass through, and are particularly suited to windy locations, such as fence or high scaffold mountings.

We do a range of standard sizes at a set price, but the size and ratio is almost unlimited and depends on your requirements and budget. We can, of course, supply the banners for you to install or our team can do this for you.


Yet another tried and tested product, pavement signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From simple A frames to complex cut shapes made to your requirements.

They can be used indoor or outdoor, and are easy to move around, while at the same time, rigid or heavy enough so they are not easily knocked or blown over.

Here is one of the simple examples, but the range is almost endless, so please contact us so we can find the one that best suits your business.


Flags can be used in a variety of situations, either as permanent fixtures or for a temporary promotion that can be packed and stored for future use. We supply all kinds, from the traditional pole mounted variety, to an increasing range of feather flags.

The basic flags can be just about any size or ratio that you require, whereas feather flags generally come in small, medium and large.

Once you have chosen type and size we can either supply a template so you can create your own artwork or our in-house design team can design the flags for you.

Here are just a few examples, but for our full range please contact us.


Café barriers are a familiar sight at pubs, restaurants, shopping centres and, of course, cafés. They they are usually a standard height, but the length is optional and can be adapted to your purpose.

The printed material can be either mesh, which is good if they are to be used in a windy situation, or standard PVC. They can also be either single or double sided.

The stands and poles come in either standard or deluxe options and with a variety of finishes. We can also supply bespoke options.